Celebrating 911 Telecommunicators
and Honoring the Impact They Make in Our Lives Every Day

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The Tree of Life "grows" with every story told! Share how a 911 telecommunicator made a difference to your community.

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This Tree of Life has been "planted" here with the support of national 911 organizations to recognize remarkable 911 telecommunicators and the difference they make every day in our communities. Each leaf on the tree represents telecommunicators that have been honored by someone in their community. We invite you to click on the leaf to read the story for the telecommunicator or communications center listed.

Check back often to submit stories recognizing your telecommunicator colleagues and to view featured stories.

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This website is made possible through the commitment of national stakeholder organizations and other 911 entities who have joined together to spread the word to the 911 community and encourage celebration of the impact telecommunicators have in all of our lives.

Each year, the nation celebrates National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week during National 911 Education Month in April. This Tree of Life has been “planted” to honor 911 telecommunicators for the important work they do, and to provide a visual representation of their impact on the lives of those in the communities they serve every day.

The 911 Telecommunicator Tree of Life is “nurtured” through the submission of stories about telecommunicators who have made a difference, each represented by a leaf. You’ll see the tree “grow” every month as more inspiring stories are shared and leaves are added to honor telecommunicators across the nation.

You’re invited to recognize a telecommunicator who is doing what they do best – answering the call to assist those in need – by completing the submission form and sharing their story. Information submitted will be reviewed prior to inclusion on the Tree of Life website.

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